Gun Safety with Kids In the House

Gun Safety with Kids In the House

Over a third of households in the US own a gun. Most of the people in these households don’t take proper care of guns. It is one of the factors that exposes them to life-threatening risks. If a gun is not stored properly, it may be accessible to kids. It can be mishandled and end up killing or hurting them. Keeping a gun safe and out of kids reach is recommendable. There are various ways of keeping a gun safe and teaching the kids about the dangers of the gun should always come first.

Ensure that your Kids Differentiate Between the Toy Guns and Real Guns

Gun Safety with Kids In the House

Most TV shows nowadays have incidences of shooting. When kids watch these shows, they admire shooting. Letting them know that the guns in the movies are not real is one of the things you should do. Also, kids have lots of toy guns, preventing them from playing with the toy guns is not a good idea. It can’t help to improve gun safety. Their friends will have the toys, and they will grant them a chance to play with them. Making them understand the difference between real guns and toy guns, is one of the best moves about guns safety.

Buy a Gun Safe

One of the ways you can do to keep the guns out of children’s reach is to buy a gun safe. There are different types of gun safes that may help ensure your kids have no access to the guns. There lots of Guns safe in the market and buying a gun safe which has a password or a fingerprint scan is the best move you can make. It will ensure that it only you have access to the gun.

Keep the Gun’s Safe out of Children’s Reach

Gun Safety with Kids In the House Forgetting to lock the gun safe can happen at times and kids can have access to the gun. They may pull the trigger and harm themselves or their loved ones. Ensuring that the gun safe is out of reach is another way to ensure your gun are safe from kid’s access.

Don’t Store the Gun Loaded

Keeping the gun loaded is dangerous. If kids happen to have access to the gun, they can shoot and harm someone or even waste bullets.

Teach the kids about guns safety tips

One can ensure the guns are stored safely in his, her home but a kid may visit another home and find a gun. If the kid hasn’t been taught about gun safety tips, they can do mess with the gun. It is advisable to ensure kids know and understand that if they come across the gun;

  • They should stop what they are doing
  • Avoid touching the Gun
  • Inform an adult about the gun


According to gun experts, living without a gun is the safest way to keep kids safe. However, different homes have different reasons to why they own a gun. Some households own a gun for safety and others one of the family members could be the police, or their career requires them to own a gun. For this reasons, ensuring you follow the gun safety tips is highly encouraged. It will keep your kids and family safe from shooting incidences that may result in life loss or physical harm.