Does Really Green Tea Help to Weight Loss?

Does Really Green Tea Help to Weight Loss

One of the most consumed beverages in the world is tea. In fact, it is the second most consumed drink after water. Among all the types of teas, green tea is the most popular and the most consumed. It is believed to have some health benefits, and this is one of the key factors that has contributed to its popularity. Most people think that by taking green tea, it can help them lose weight. According to researchers, the belief is true, but tea cannot be solely relied upon to help one lose weight. It acts very slowly, and its effectiveness can at times fail to be noticed.

Presence of Catechins

Does Really Green Tea Help to Weight Loss

One of the qualities that make green tea good for weight loss, is that it contains high levels of polyphenols than all other types of teas. This quality increases the ability to prevent additional of fats in the body and also ability to burn fats at higher rates compared to other types of teas. The catechins in the green tea raise body temperatures and help to burn excessive fats.

Burning Calories

Does Really Green Tea Help to Weight Loss Green tea also contains caffeine. Caffeine helps in burning calories and fats. According to a report published by the Office of Dietary Supplements, a hundred grams of green tea in a drink is capable of burning nine calories. To lose weight, one is required to burn thousands of calories, and by relying on green tea alone, the process can be quite slow.

Effectiveness of Green Tea In Human and Animals

In reference to a review article published in the Journal of Nutrition, the components present in the green tea slows down fat production and accumulation as well as speeds up fats and calorie burning in animals. Various studies carried out show that the effectiveness of green tea in losing weight way much less in human than animals.

How Does Green Tea Work?

Does Really Green Tea Help to Weight LossFor the fat burning process to take place, fat must be broken down in the fat cell so that it can flow in the blood stream. Green tea contains components that help the fat burning process to take place. These components speed up the effects of fat burning hormones. Naturally, green tea contains caffeine and EGCG. The presence of these two elements makes green tea a suitable ingredient for weight loss diet.

People who take green tea and perform physical exercises lose weight fast than those who just rely on physical exercises alone. This shows that green tea is effective in burning fats and calories. According to a study carried on how effective green tea is in losing weight, it is was confirmed to aid in losing weight.


A lot of people try different methods of losing weight, and a diet is so relied upon. Green tea is one of the products people use in the name of losing weight. However, most people do it wrong and in the end, they end up getting unrecognizable results. For a green tea to be effective in losing weight, it must be accompanied by physical exercises like running, jogging among others. For people who have tried green tea accompanied by these physical activities have experienced stunning results.

According to the research experiments carried out on the effectiveness of green tea on losing weight, it is right to say that green tea can help one lose weight if it is not solely relied upon. It has other health benefits other than just helping one to lose weight.


7 Benefits of Digital Payments and E-Banking

Benefits of Digital Payments and E-Banking

Digital payment and E-Banking have introduced the most effective and convenient methods to access money and banking activities. Nowadays, it is easy to do your transactions while at home or at the office without having to visit the bank always.

What are the Advantages of Digital Payments and E-Banking?

In the recent past, Digital Payments and E-Banking have changed the means of monetary transactions in this technology advancement era. The following are some of the advantages of Digital Payments and E-Banking:

1) Easy Transactions

Benefits of Digital Payments and E-Banking

You do not require entering the full details for each transaction to be done. The Digital Payments and E-Banking systems record the details of previous transactions and they predict them in future transactions. At the same time, the recorded information can be easily reviewed in case future reference is needed for verification.

2) Safety of the Transaction

Through these electronic systems, it is possible to conduct safe transactions while purchasing products or while transferring money from one point to another. These systems retain the details of previous transactions.

3) Saves Time

Day-to-day banking at the bank will take a lot of your time. It can be impossible if the bank is located at a far distance from your home or workplace. Digital Payments and E-Banking will enable you to conduct transaction from where you are.

4) Saves Money through Fewer and Less Charges

Benefits of Digital Payments and E-BankingThe Digital Payments and E-Banking systems are associated with fewer charges than over-the-counter transactions. Therefore, these systems will enable you to save your money as well as time.

5) Easier Way to get an Overview of Your Money

Through recording of each and every transaction done, Digital Payments and E-Banking systems clearly outline how your monetary trend takes place. At the same time, the systems allow you to view your balances, previous transactions, and different transactions rates at home or at your workplace. Therefore, you can be able to control your money and other resources safely with a regular overview.

6) Eliminates Paperwork

Benefits of Digital Payments and E-BankingThe Digital Payments and E-Banking systems record the transactions done on the online platforms. These platforms can be frequently overviewed during times when reference is needed. Therefore, there is no need to have files and other paperwork requirements at your office or inside your drawers in order to keep monetary records at your home.

Additionally, the Digital Payments and E-Banking systems enable the safety of transactions done. Normally, the previously recorded transactions cannot be easily deleted unless done intentionally. Unlike the use of papers and files which can be lost or destroyed, these electronic systems safeguard all the details about the transactions.

7) Simple Way to Pay Bills

With Digital Payments and E-Banking systems, you do not need to attend the bank or other places in order to pay for your bills. Such systems connect you with the banks or other service providers. Thus, they provide you with a simple way through which you can pay for your bills. This reduces the chores and tasks that await you especially at the end or the beginning of the month or the year.


The Digital Payments and E-Banking technologies enable you to save money and time while conducting monetary transactions. At the same time, they are associated with simple ways to pay bills among other monetary activities. Therefore, embracing these technologies is an essential stride to make in your life.