6 Useful Tips to Organize Kids’ Rooms

Useful Tips to Organize Kids' Rooms

Different events such as birthdays, weekend travels and outs, regularly leave the kids’ rooms looking hectic. Mostly, this task is left in your hands as a parent regardless of your daily involvements.

Therefore, coming out with a strategy that will help you to organize the rooms for your kids will make the task easier. At the same time, it will enhance you to remain effective in other tasks without straining yourself to do it all.

What are some of the Useful Tips in Organizing Kids’ Room?

1) Integrate Kids in the Task

 Useful Tips to Organize Kids' RoomsDo not solely assume this task regardless of how much you love your kids. Actually, integrate them in the task in order to make them responsible and able to do it on their own in future. Involving the children in tidying up their room will gradually make the task easier. Eventually, it will transfer the task to the kids entirely.

2) Sort and Store

The untidiness associated with kids’ rooms comes as a result of unnecessary placement of different things and items everywhere. Therefore, this can be resolved by sorting the things and items which are improperly kept in the kids’ rooms. After sorting them, store them in shelves, baskets, cupboards, and other places.

3) Introduce the Policy, “Easier to Put Away, Hard to Get Out”

 Useful Tips to Organize Kids' RoomsYour kids will always remove different things and items unnecessarily from where they are stored. For instance, kids will remove sports clothes from the storage and soon realize that they were not interested in playing. Later, they will keep the sports clothes unnecessarily in their rooms. Therefore, ensure that you are harsh on your kids on how they handle things in their rooms.

4) Organize Bottom to Top

Start organizing the rooms from the bottom as you head to the top. Items such as toys and clothes which are regularly used should be stored in the lower shelves. Other items which are not regularly used or which are used to decorate the rooms such as teddy bears, flowers, and pictures should be kept at the tops of the rooms. This will minimize the tendency to unnecessarily handle kids’ belongings in their rooms.

5) Apply Labels on the Shelves and Other Storages

 Useful Tips to Organize Kids' RoomsYou can use computer printers to print simple graphics and labels addressing your kids on where to find different items and belongings. If children cannot be able to read, print pictures of the items in different boxes, stores, and shelves such as socks, shoes, and dolls among other items. This will minimize the improper and untidy searching strategies normally used by kids in search of different items in their rooms.

6) Devise a Maintenance Routine

After developing means and strategies to ensure tidiness in the kids’ rooms, ensure that you devise a strategy through which organized behavior in the rooms can be maintained. You may introduce routines such as “morning and evening pick-ups” meant to cleanse and remove all the unnecessary items from the rooms. Eventually, you will have your kids already used to have their rooms tidy and organized.


Kids can be organized or not depending in how you teach them to do things. Through teaching your kids on how to cleanse and maintain tidiness in their rooms, it is possible to change the unorganized state in their rooms. As a result, this will reduce your domestic chores while instilling responsibility in your kids.